Freya in the Whitsunday's last year

Freya in the Whitsunday's last year

Sunday, October 31, 2010

two triumphs

This weekend has been a good one for Freya, with two terrific milestones being reached.  The first is that it is now 2 months since Freya's hemispherectomy surgery, and 2 months since she has had any form of seizure.  It is hard to imagine that such a short time ago, her brain was so on fire from constant seizure activity that she could hardly walk 50 metres without experiencing a seizure in her leg.  Even in her sleep, she was continually woken by many seizures a night.  Given her surgeon's complete confidence in the success of the surgery, her medication is also being further reduced. Another of Freya's anti-epileptic medications is now being weaned (3 down, and 2 to go) and the plan of her neurologist is that she be medication-free by Christmas.  After years of increasing medications at increasing doses, it's great to be on the reverse cycle.

The second of the weekend events, is that Freya has started to gain a bit of movement in her left arm.  When she concentrates, she can now flex her arm at the elbow. This is exciting as it indicates her brain's left hemisphere is making the necessary new wiring to "talk" to her left arm.  Having the ability to control her arm at the elbow will also have big implications for it's functional use.  It is hoped that eventually she will be able to put her left arm on a table or desk, without having to lift it with the other arm.  The left arm can also become much more of a 'helper' arm if is not just dangling uselessly by her side.  Freya has been worried for sometime about the lack of progress in her arm, so it is really encouraging for her to experience this small amount of movement.


  1. Whoow, super steps!!! So great to be seizure free, meds reducing and MOVEMENT!!!
    Freya - keep on challenging your body and mind, enjoy every success and working towards going back to school. Great time to be going back, they will be finishing up for the year and doing lots of fun stuff :)

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  3. Hi Freya,

    Mum here. People have been telling me that they are having trouble posting a comment, so I am just checking to make sure that everything is still working AOK. Wasn't Dr Monica pleased with your new arm trick today!! It is your left arm's biceps muscle that has now turned back on - cool!

  4. Dear Freya,
    I arrived back home today, haven't looked at the blog since I left Auntie Melissa's on Monday, so was really excited to read that your now have some movement of your arm, WOW. It was great to see how well you walked when I went to Physio with you last Friday.Keep up the great work, you are doing so well. See you after Christmas.
    Love Grandma. xxxxx

  5. Hi Freya,
    I really miss you and I can't wait to see you in two more Tuesdays,
    I'm so happy that you are able to move your arm a bit more,
    keep on trying and never give up!
    Lots of love from Juliette

  6. Hi Freya,
    I don't know which is cooler the arm movement or being seizure free for two whole months. I think another achievement is all the independence you are gaining, walking and little visits out and about. Just very, very cool!!!!
    Lots and lots of love,
    Lou, Melissa, Julia, Alex and Jacob