Freya in the Whitsunday's last year

Freya in the Whitsunday's last year

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday 10th October

Today marks the end of Freya's 8th week at the Royal Children's Hospital. She was admitted two weeks prior to her scheduled surgery due to a severe exacerbation of her Rasmussen’s Encephalitis.

We are now well into the swing of the hospital routine and daily rehabilitation sessions. Weekends that have previously been slow and quiet at the hospital are much more pleasurable now that Freya has been granted weekend day leave. This weekend she came home for a few hours, went shopping for new shoes that will fit her AFO, went to the local park where she bumped into her best friend Edie and saw her cousins Hannah, Joel and Julia.
Conversation is still a little difficult for Freya, but she is slowly getting better at staying focused and ‘on topic’.

Here is a photo of Freya delighted by a cake made for her by her friend Adele. Thanks Adele it was delicious – you are a fantastic cook just like your Mum!


  1. Hi Freya. You look happy and very excited at the thought of eating that delicious looking cake in front of you. Hope you had the biggest slice and loved every scrumptious crumb of it! Looking forward to seeing more fab photos. Ril

  2. Hi Freya. Aunty Deirdre here, reporting in from New York City. I have just come from the Rasmussen's encephalitis conference in Utah, where lots of smart and important doctors agreed to work together to help find a cure for this disease. People can read about it if they want at
    You would love New York and I hope you get to come here some day when you are better. It is Halloween this month and the shops (stores) are stacked with fancy lollies (candies). There are heaps of other great things to buy - it's such a shame they won't all fit in my suitcases.
    Lots of love and looking forward to seeing you next week.
    Deirdre XXXXX

  3. Dear Freya,
    It is great that you can now get out of the hospital for awhile, bet you enjoyed the sunshine. Adele's cake looks good. See you next week.
    Love Grandma. xxxxxxxx

  4. I'm so happy I got to see you n the weekend and i can't wait to see you tomorrow!
    Edie <3

  5. hi Freya I,m glad you like the cake I made. It was nice seeing you on Saturday,get well soon


  6. Hello gorgeous Frey,

    I have just arrived home from Adelaide (where I stupidly left my mobile phone) very anxious to hear of your progress, so I have jumped online straightaway. To be instantly rewarded by an update and lovely photo of you sporting splendid new hair.

    I will check in with Mummy but am hoping to see you tomorrow. Yay!

    Keep up the good work in there Freya. You're getting through it, and are just amazing.

    Love Auntie Patricia xxxx

  7. What a lovely weekend you had? All the rehab, must be hard but you are doing so well. The play therapy and hydrotherapy sounds quite fun. The chocolate cake looks good too. I think things are definately looking on the up. Julia would like to visit again soon. I think we are going to have to include the boys and Lou this time. They would like to visit too.
    It was really lovely to see you.

  8. Hi Freya, I met your Aunt Deirdre in Utah at the Rasmussen's Conference. She told me all about you. Keep up the hard work !

    Cris and Kristi Hall
    Jessie's Mom and Dad

  9. Hi Freya,
    I am delighted to see that you are doing so well in your recovery. Grace sends her best. I loved meeting your Aunt Dierdre, she is a nice lady. Good luck!
    Seth Wohlberg

  10. Hi Freya, that cake looks delicious, Adele must have put lots of effort into it! Love Juliette