Freya in the Whitsunday's last year

Freya in the Whitsunday's last year

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a discharge date

Following our family meeting with Freya's doctors and therapists on Tuesday a discharge date has been agreed;  Freya will be leaving the Royal Children's Hospital next Friday, the 19th of November - 3 months and 1 week since admission and 2 months and 3 weeks since her surgery.  After such a long stay, the RCH has begun to feel like a second home, and while we're all keen to come home, I know Freya will miss the many nurses, doctors and therapists who have provided her with such support, kindness and encouragement over the last few months.  The hospital umbilical cord will not be severed abruptly though, the discharge plan that we will be given before we leave will include out-patient therapy appointments three times a week for the next couple of months.

In addition to the out-patient therapy we will also be given a rigorous schedule of physio and OT exercises to complete daily at home. As the doctors have explained to us, Freya's brain is currently going through a spurt of activity that is resulting in movement in her left arm, with almost daily improvements over the last week.  It is important that we capitalise on the new connections her left hemisphere is making before this spurt of activity slows down or stops.  The photo is Freya doing one of her physio exercises - putting weight on her left arm (and being kept company by Ella). 

To celebrate Freya's recovery from her surgery and triumph over the devastating epilepsy and encephalitis that has plagued most of her childhood, we are off to Noosa the day after hospital discharge.  A new 5 star resort has opened a couple of months ago, with a lagoon style pool - just the thing for continuing her hydrotherapy program.  The doctors agree it's a great idea too.  Ella doesn't seem to be too devastated by missing out on a week of school so close to the end of the year either.


  1. Dear Freya,

    It will be wonderful to be sleeping at home every night. Keep doing those exercises at home, you are making fantastic progress. When you come back from holidays you will be able to go to school for the end of year activities and catch up with everybody at school. Have a lovely holiday.
    Love Grandma. xxxxxx for Ella xxxxxx

  2. i can't believe thats it's only a couple of
    days until you get out, i'm sooo happy for you!
    i miss you heaps and can't wait to see you on friday!
    love Edie
    <3 <3 <3

  3. Hi Freya,
    WOW!!!!!! How fantastic for YOU and your family and your friends and all at FPS to know that you will be coming home very soon!!!! And a holiday in beautiful Noosa as well!!! Ella will be missed at school but deserves a good time hanging out with her beautiful brave sister. She tells me daily how wonderful you are. Hope to see you really soon, Ril.

  4. Hi Freya
    Only a few more days to go now until you will be leaving the hospital. You have worked so hard learning how to walk again and now you are doing so well getting more movement in your arm. I hope you have a fabulous holiday. You certainly deserve it, and as your mum said you have triumphed over your disease by unbelievable bravery and determination. We are very proud of you and look forward to seeing you getting stronger and better every day.
    Lots of love and best wishes, Susan, Alan, Hannah and Joel. xxxxx.

  5. Hi Freya,
    I hope you're recovering well!!!!
    Miss you heaps and can't wait to see you!

    Love Tim Tam/Tamara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Freya,
    My last blog dissapeared into blog abyss sorry you did not get it. I do want to say how pleased we are that you are seizure free, are decreasing your medication and have enough independence to be at home, you are just inspirational. It has been a long journey for all of you and boy do you all deserve this holiday. Enjoy!!!!
    Julia, Alex, Jacob, Lou and Melissa